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Leading Off: Five headlines entering the 2018 MLB season

Opening Day is almost here. Pause and read that last sentence once more. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Before 2,430 regular season baseball games begin this Thursday, it’s impossible to comment on every factoid or piece of news heading into the season. So here’s a couple slices for you to munch on as we … Continue reading

MLB Quarter-season Quick Hits

We’re one quarter of the way through the 2018 MLB season, with each team having already played in the neighborhood of 40 of its 162 games. On one hand, it seems as though the first quarter of the season has come-and-gone in the blink of an eye. On the other, we still have 120-plus games … Continue reading

Facts only

I’m not a political writer. Never have been, never wanted to be. I write about sports, having first started as a high school sophomore signed up for Journalism elective class, continuing into my collegiate days as Sports Editor of The Carroll News and into my first professional job as a collegiate Sports Information Director. Between all … Continue reading