Yankees bolster bullpen with Chapman trade

After spending much of this off-season watching from the dugout, the Yankees made their most significant off-season splash on Monday night as they traded four minor-leaguers for Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman. A 27-year-old lefty flamethrower, Chapman is quite simply the hardest throwing pitcher in MLB history. Need proof? Of the 50 fastest pitches thrown … Continue reading

Embrace the inevitable: Baseball season is back

At the close of every baseball season, I take some time to brace for the upcoming winter weather. Like most people, I can’t stand winter weather. I hate it. Despise it. Having grown up in Rochester and attended school in Cleveland, it’s safe to say that I’ve dealt with more than enough New York and … Continue reading

Los Angeles Lakers

Dr. Jerry Buss: A Los Angeles icon that will be missed

[By Zach Mentz] The year was 1979, and a 46-year-old, successful real estate investor from Wyoming had seemingly struck the jackpot when a $1,000 investment on a Los Angeles apartment complex eventually paid dividends that are difficult to even fathom. That successful real estate agent was Jerry Buss, the man who eventually spent his jackpot … Continue reading